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Enter the 36th Chamber
This mega Martial Arts pack is loaded with 36 of your favorite kung fu moments all in one bundle. Witness a fury of chops, kicks, punches, lunges, ducks, leaps, flips...MORE
36 Chambers 31-36 : P1The Master: Out of Time Step
John Peter McAllister (Lee Van Cleef) and Max Keller (Timothy Van Patten) are traveling together across the country searching for McAllister’s missing daughter. McAllister has been living in Japan since the end of the Korean War training as a ninja, but now has left the sect to find his daughter, even though his prize pupil is out to kill him for leaving Japan. Keller is helping his new-found friend with his search in exchange for being trained in the ways of the ninja. During their search, McAllister and Keller come to the aid of a nightclub owner and his daughter who have run afoul of the Asian mobsters that wants to take over the club.